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High and Low Temperature Impact Test Chamber

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  • Supply Ability:50 piecesWarranty(Year):1 Year

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:HUAKAI

Product Description

Product applications:
Thermal Shock Resistance Test Equipment make it possible to automatically and repeatedly transfer a test item from a hot environment to a cold environment or from a cold environment to a hot environment. This process is defined as true thermal shock and it is different from thermal cycling, where the specimen is introduced into the chamber and the chamber temperature is then cycled. A true thermal shock chamber can achieve a 265'C temperature variation rapidly, while thermal cycling may take hours to ramp up or down.

Product parameters:
Interal Dimension360 mm*350mm*400 mm(customizable)
StructureThree chambers design (the hot chamber, the cold chamber and the testing chamber)
Interior materialSUS#304 Stainless steel plate
Exterior materialDouble-sided galvanized steel sheet, surface spray treatment; (optional: SUS#304 stainless steel)
Box insulation materialRigid polyurethane foam + glass fiber
Door insulationRigid polyurethane foam
RefrigerationCascade refrigeration system
Cooling methodAir or Water
Preheating temperature+60oC~200oC
Precooling temperature-60~-10oC
H. T. Shocking+65oC~+150oC
L. T. Shocking-40oC~-10oC
Temperature uniformity±2.0oC
Preheating time30min
Precooling time60min
Power(K. W)AC380V+/-10%,   50HZ+/-0.5

Safety protection device:
   1. Overpressure of the compressor;
   2. The compressor is overheated;
   3. Overcurrent of the compressor;
   4. Circulating cooling water supply underpressure;
   5. Laboratory temperature is too high, too low protection (controller built-in);
   6. Laboratory temperature is too high, too low protection, laboratory door opening protection;
   7. Total power phase sequence and phase loss protection relay, leakage circuit breaker, sample power control terminal, external alarm output terminal;
   8. High/low greenhouse over temperature protection switch, high/low greenhouse over temperature protection (controller built-in);
   9. Circulating fan thermal relay, motor temperature protection;
   10. Compressed air pressure switch, exhaust valve;

Equipment use conditions:
   1. The ground is flat and well ventilated;
   2. There is no strong vibration around the device;
   3. No strong electromagnetic fields around the device;
   4. No flammable, explosive, corrosive substances and dust around the equipment;
   5. Drainage floor drains are provided near the equipment;
   6. Ground bearing capacity of the site: not less than 800kg/m2;
   7. Environmental conditions: temperature: 5 ° C ~ 35 ° C; relative humidity: ≤ 85%; pressure: 86kpa ~ 106kpa;
   8. Cooling water temperature: circulating cooling water temperature: ≤ +30 ° C;
   9. Cooling water pressure: circulating cooling water supply pressure: 0.25MPa ~ 0.4MPa; cooling water piping system design and construction should ensure that the inlet pressure of the refrigerator is 0.25MPa ~ 0.4MPa at the rated flow; the refrigerator exits to the cooling tower The pressure drop is not more than 0.05 MPa;
   10. Flow rate: 7t/h, (if using the circulating chilled water of the air conditioning system, please pre-specify the user);
   11. Air source (compressed air): pressure: (5 ~ 7) kg / cm2; connecting pipe diameter: ∮ 8mm; flow: 0.1 cubic / min;
   12. Requirements for the storage environment: When the equipment is not working, the temperature of the environment should be kept within 0 °C ~ +45 °C. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0 °C, the water remaining in the equipment should be drained to prevent the water in the pipeline from freezing. Up the pipeline.

Test criteria:
   1. GB/T 2423.1-2008 Test A: Low temperature test method;
   2. GB/T 2423.2-2008 Test B: High temperature test method;
   3. GB/T2423.22-2012 Test N: Test method for temperature change
   4. GJB/150.3-1986 high temperature test
   5. GJB/150.4-1986 Low temperature test
   6. GJB/150.5-1986 temperature shock test
   7. This equipment is tested by the quality inspection center of the company before leaving the factory, and presents an inspection report with a validity period of one year.

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